?Saied Shoaaib writes: Why does the Public Library of Canada protect the terrorist terrorist sheikh Reviewed by Momizat on . Saied Shoaaib saiedshoaaib@gmail.com FACEBOOK: saied shoaaib TIWITER: shoaaibsaied http://saiedshoaaib.blogspot.ca * Response of Public Library in Ottawa was no Saied Shoaaib saiedshoaaib@gmail.com FACEBOOK: saied shoaaib TIWITER: shoaaibsaied http://saiedshoaaib.blogspot.ca * Response of Public Library in Ottawa was no Rating:
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?Saied Shoaaib writes: Why does the Public Library of Canada protect the terrorist terrorist sheikh

?Saied Shoaaib writes: Why does the Public Library of Canada protect the terrorist terrorist sheikh

Saied Shoaaib
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* Response of Public Library in Ottawa was not approaching the tell-Ghazali that incite hatred and terrorism
* Did not respond to a fatwa of al-Ghazali Islamic to kill thinker Farag Foda
* They have other books that incite hatred, including a book Imam Nawawi
* I did not find on their web one book for Muslim thinker battling religious basis for terrorism
* I call them to reconsider their way of choice the Islamic books
I am glad that those responsible for the public library in the Canadian capital Ottawa responded to my previous article “Why does Imam killer do in public libraries in Canada” (1), which confirmed the presence of books in to hatred, violence and terrorism, including a book of Imam Muhammad al-Ghazali in his book “One Hundred asked about Islam ” (2),but unfortunately they opted to bypass the obvious texts, also exceeded that decreed the killing of al-Ghazali Islamic scholar,” Farag Foda, “for he is an apostate. As they did not say the reasons for their rejection of my books that Ahiditha them a fighting hatred, violence and terrorism.
This is the response of the library, you can read it here. (3)
My remarks:
* Did not respond to their rejection of my books that reveal the seriousness of the performance and the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood on the world, while they welcome the Brotherhood’s books, like al-Ghazali and Youssef al-Qaradawi, for example.
* Did not respond to his fatwa to kill the apostate, ie which leaves Islam. This is mentioned in my article and is also in his book in Public Library:
He said: Ricochet deliberate is a demolition shameless of foundations upon to the society, and the Constitution upon which the State ….. cultural invasion supports and pave to the military invasion! And the enemies of Islam want to erase the character of Islam from the inside .. and this surrender to the slaughter (p. 386).
* They did not respond to texts in the book Al-Ghazali and i published it in the previous article,Although it clearly incites hatred and violence against the West. And they claimed in their response that the man promotes peace in the world! This is not true, the man said in his book have found the following about jihad:
Jihad an individual duty for Muslim man and woman in the face of an ongoing war want to uproot Islam from the roots, They refuse that the Muslims live according to the teachings of Islam (p. 206).
A man of peace said about Christians and Jews:
If we pass the pagans, we found the Christians and Jews had more grudges tougher one and fangs … they can not bear to hear the word Islam. God said: They say: “Become Jews or Christians if ye would be guided (To salvation).” Say thou: “Nay! (I would rather) the Religion of Abraham the True, and he joined not gods with Allah.”(135- Cow) (p. 76).(4)
He adds: God said: Never will the Jews or the Christians be satisfied with thee unless thou follow their form of religion. (120) Cow.
They are making major effort to crush the new religion, and obstruction of endorsers him, sent them away, even to the atheism or paganism (p. 349).
The issue of Palestine model of the intolerance villain, they expelled Muslims from their homeland. Jewish want to Judaize, occupied Palestine and killing Arabs. And the Christian busy crusader wars against the land of Islam and to facilitate to way out from Islam (p. 90).
So all the Jews and Christians are enemies, must fight against them and eliminate them everywhere. Animosity not only against the Jews whose living in Israel (Palestine), but against the Jews in every place and time. He ignores the fact that (Palestine) before the founding of the state of Israel had been living different religions, not just Muslims. And ignores that there is a land where Muslims living occupied by Muslims, such as Iskenderun city in the Syrian, Turkey occupied it. UAE Islands and of Ahvaz Arab occupied by Iran.He also ignores the fact that every country he calls them “Islamic” occupied by the Ottoman Turks for 400 years. However, it does not call for hatred aginst Iranians and Turks.
* They said in a reply to Ghazali supports the rights of women, while in the same book he said:
… Is there a man contented himself with one woman, is a majority of the men satisfied with one woman … (…) Why they want to accept that a woman is a mistress and not a second wife? Why they want a mistress is not the recognition of her children? (P. 122).
Ghazali should answer a question: Why is basically the existence of a mistress? !! Why women should chose Between being her husband’s mistress, or have a second wife.
He also confirms the right of a man to marry four women, though there are Islamist trends refuse this. (P. 389)
The man “defender of the rights of women,” add: Islam imposes on the father, brother or relatives to pay the cost of the lives of women, In return gets the guy on the weakness of women in inheritance.
Although there are Islamist trends, such as the Syrian Mohammed Shahrour, affirms the equality of men and women in inheritance.
Ghazali believes that there is no a need for women’s work, there is no need to It combines the function of a housewife and other job strain herself and take their attention.
* They said that a man followed a gradual approach, the library called it “Islamic democracy”, what is democracy which came in his book:
Rule in Islam is a state that protects the doctrine and establish Sharia (p. 245). The Imam (The president) who obey him who lead us by the Book of God and the Sunnah of His Messenger. If he does not, must be overthrown him from authority and set other. Establish to the Islam his state, must be restore his lost caliphate, the Muslims must be learn from their past mistakes. (p. 455).
This means that the Muslim in canada, when he can must fight the prime minister Juston Trodoa and the government are infidels, they do not apply the Sharia.
Ghazali adds abut his Islamic state:
The application of Sharia is right to last an eternity, what is said about the cruelty it is nonsense, we make sure that, when we see the conditions of the communities in which left it (p. 232).
What is meant here Sharia, cutting the hands of thieves and stoning the adulterer and the adulteress to death and others. Ghazali did not mention the crime rates in the country, which applies these limits compared to countries that are considered infidels such as Canada.
There are Islamic trends believe that the Sharia is not valid for our time and should not be applied. And there are those who believe that Islam should not be a state, caliphate, or other that the Islamists say.
There are other books incite hatred and violence, like the author is required from Interpol on the background of incitement to murder, arson, vandalism and theft.
Remarkably, there are no Books for renewing whose provide an Islam is not a terrorist and they demolish the religious basis for hatred and violence in public libraries, which I visited and did I find on the official website of the library. Like Imam Ali Abdel Razek, Said Ashmawi, Mohammed Arkoun, Ibn Rushd, Mu’tazila, Nasr Hamed Abu Zeid, Mohamed Mahmoud Taha, Mohammed Blackbird and many others.
So what does this mean?
It means that officials of the library need to reconsidering in the way of their choice and reconsider their advisers. And of course in Arabic books now in bookstores. We wish to do.
Saied shoaaib
Is a Muslim Consultant and researcher in terrorism and Islam

1- https://www.gatestoneinstitute.org/9974/ottawa-public-library-islam
2- “Hundred questions about Islam” – Dr. Muhammad al-Ghazali
Thank you for your email expressing concerns about the Gatestone Institute article written by Saied Shoaaib that mentions the Ottawa Public Library.
The Ottawa Public Library has five titles by Muhammad al-Ghazali in Arabic that were purchased in 2005. Muhammad Al-Ghazali died in 1996, and was predominantly known as a respected Egyptian scholar who had a strong following for his many books and views on Islam.
We researched Ghazali and found this information:
·“The author of 94 books, Sheik Ghazali attracted a broad following with works that sought to interpret Islam and its holy book, the Koran, in a modern light. He is widely credited with contributing to a revival of Islamic faith in Egypt over the last decade” New York Times, March 14, 1996.
· In favor of taking ideas from the non-Muslim world, Ghazali was moderate in supporting women’s rights and a gradualist approach to Islamic democracy.” Wilkes, George R. “Muhammad, al- Ghazali.” Encyclopedia of the Modern Middle East. Gale, 2004. Biography in Context.
·“In Islam and Political Despotism and Prejudice and Tolerance in Christianity and Islam, (Ghazali) advocated the variety of ways in which religion could be a source of social justice and promote peace in the modern world.” Huda, Qamar-ul. “Muhammad, al- Ghazali.” Encyclopedia of Islam and the Muslim World. Ed. Richard C. Martin. New York: Macmillan Reference USA, 2004. Biography in Context.
We also have consulted with local academics at the Universities of Ottawa and Carleton, and not one of them confirmed that el-Ghazali is known as a promoter of violence and extremism.
The Content Services department that reviews donations for the collection, does not have any trace of the donated books mentioned in this article. OPL actively collects Arabic books according to selection criteria which are posted on the OPL website https://biblioottawalibrary.ca/en/content/material-selection-policy. We accept all viewpoints, providing they do not break the law by being deemed hate literature. The article is wrong to assume that items in our collection did not meet the selection criteria. A quick search in the catalogue would show we collect many points of view, in all languages. We have many books looking at different aspects of Islam, and several which discourage violence and extremism.
As a Canadian public library, the OPL adheres to the Canadian Federation of Library Association Statement on Intellectual Freedom and Libraries:
Libraries have a core responsibility to safeguard and facilitate access to constitutionally protected expressions of knowledge, imagination, ideas, and opinion, including those which some individuals and groups consider unconventional, unpopular or unacceptable. To this end, in accordance with their mandates and professional values and standards, libraries provide, defend and promote equitable access to the widest possible variety of expressive content and resist calls for censorship and the adoption of systems that deny or restrict access to resources. http://cfla-fcab.ca/en/programs/guidelines-and-position-papers/statement-on-intellectual-freedom-and-libraries/
The Ottawa Public Library looks for a balanced collection of views. For a full range of reading on Islam, please search our catalogue at https://biblioottawalibrary.ca/en/.
4- Translation of Quranic verses: http://www.oneummah.net/quran/
5- Book “lovers of Death” by Tom Quggin and Saied Shoaaib

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