“Saied Shoaaib writes: On the first anniversary of the coup..”when Erdogan thanks the West for its cooperation in the Islamization of Turkey Reviewed by Momizat on . On the first anniversary of the "coup", Erdogan has the right to be proud of himself and his comrades. Much has been done to build his Islamic dictatorship. The On the first anniversary of the "coup", Erdogan has the right to be proud of himself and his comrades. Much has been done to build his Islamic dictatorship. The Rating:
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“Saied Shoaaib writes: On the first anniversary of the coup..”when Erdogan thanks the West for its cooperation in the Islamization of Turkey

“Saied Shoaaib writes: On the first anniversary of the coup..”when Erdogan thanks the West for its cooperation in the Islamization of Turkey

On the first anniversary of the “coup”, Erdogan has the right to be proud of himself and his comrades. Much has been done to build his Islamic dictatorship. The last is the strong constitutional foundation of his dream. His amendments to the constitution enable him to remain president until 2029 with unprecedented powers. (1)
If the man is fair, he should thank the West for his strong help in Islamizing Turkey and building his Islamic Muslim state, but he will not, he will fight them more and more. This is the core of his imperial project, which is inspired from the Ottoman Turkish Islamic Caliphate.
I do not think he wanted Turkey to be a member of the European Union. He deceived Europe, the west and used them to overthrow the military from the political. He benefited from the desire of the Turks to join the European Union, benefited from his conditions, which categorically rejects any interference from the army in political life. He also benefited from his conditions, which widen his democratic margin to increase the presence of penetration Islamists in Turkish society. After that he overthrew all his opponents after the last dubious coup, it is time to return back to his dream. His dream of building the Islamic state and becoming the Caliph of the Sunni Muslims in the world, to about one billion and 400,000 in the statistics of 2016 (2), in the face of the “crusader Europe” as he was called. Perhaps in preparation for his next war against the West, he asked from the Muslim Turks in Europe to have many children to become a numerical to be avenge from Europeans in the future. (3)
If you look at Erdogan’s performance and alliances in the Middle East, especially Syria, you will make sure that this is the next danger, putting the world on the path of religious war.
Let’s start with the first question:
How did Erdogan and his party used Europe and the west to seize Turkey?
Erdogan learned to hide his Islamic ideology, it is the ideology of the Muslim Brotherhood, after what happened with his predecessors and after what happened with him. In the 1950s, the army overthrew Prime Minister Adnan Menderes, accusing him of trying to destroy the legacy of Turkish founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and trying to revive the Ottoman caliphate.
The second wave of Islamists began with Negmeldin Erbakan, a man full of Islamic principles. (4) tried to build strong bridges with his Arab neighbourhood and the Islamic world, and the establishment of the G8 Club of the major Islamic countries, against the Club of Seven of the Great Western Capitalists G7. The army also ousted him.
The Islamic trend (the Muslim Brotherhood) in a new dress led by a young man, brought up in the religious institutes, and then in the Islamic movement … He Ragab Erdogan. At the beginning appeared as he did not understand the lesson, he said after his success in the post of mayor of Istanbul phrases of poetry of the Turkish Islamic poet Zia Kokalb:
Our mosques are our barracks
Our domes are our helmets
Our minarets are bayonets
The worshipers are our soldiers
This is holy army guards our religion (5)
That is why he jailed and learned what he should learn, that the time of the clash did not come yet, so he had no problem in saying contrary to his faith and his ideology: I am not secular, I am a Muslim prime minister of a secular state … a secular state does not mean a state without religion. (6)
Erdogan’s party did not forget to praise secularism, stressing that it is the basis of freedom and social peace. [7]
He was interested in sending letters to the Ataturkian civilian and military elite by asserting that he regarded Ataturk’s legacy as the foundation of the modern Turkish state.
The second message to the West, he never spoke about Islamic Shariaa or the Islamic state, but focused on its commitment to international standards for children, women and others. He affirmed his commitment to the implementation of human rights standards contained in international conventions.
And even agreed to abolish the death penalty, which contradicts his religious ideology. This commitment improved its image to the West, which was looking for Muslim politicians who conform to international covenants and govern and do not cause problems. Erdogan has benefited from their support in the gradual demilitarization of the military, which of course does not conform to European standards. He wanted to strip his opponents of one of their weapons, the membership of the European Union and adopted. At the same time, however, he has not criticized the Islamic law, which does not conform to European standards. He and his colleagues did not raise the question of the legitimacy of the headscarf. The wives and daughters of the party leaders are veiled; they are adherent to their religion and are not rushing to implement the “Islamic project.” They do not see it as a priority, (8)
Supported by the West and supported by great popularity because of its economic successes, Erdogan could the constitutional basis for the gradual control of the army, through the first two tracks: the reconciliation with the various national forces to support him in the face of the military, which happened. Second, the international community after the September 11 attacks needed a moderate Islamic stream.
Erdogan reshaped state institutions and constitutional and legal legislation in accordance with European standards. He added to the membership of the National Security Council, Minister of Justice and two Deputy Prime Minister, and this means the weighting of civilians. He deleted the requirement that the Secretary of the Council be military only, was abolished the powers of the Council to control State institutions. Thus turning it into a consultative body with a majority from outside the army. The presence of a commander has been abolished in both the Ministry of Education and the Radio and Television Union. And not to allow generals to make public statements except in their military field. And to abolish the possibility of trying civilians before military courts. And allowed the filing of lawsuits to interrogate the old generals. (9)
All these and other measures enabled Erdogan, with his economic success and the promotion of democracy and human rights (based on European standards) to increase his popularity and make him stronger in facing the army. Now 250 generals in the prisons on charges of planning the coup. (10) We have come to the explicit demands of the speaker of the parliament with an Islamic constitution that has no place for secularism. (11)
Erdogan said in the crowd: “You can never be secular and Muslim at the same time. ” (12)

What are the lessons learned?
1. There are no real differences between what is called “moderate Islam” such as the Muslim Brotherhood, and armed terrorist organizations. They all want an Islamic state and then an Islamic caliphate. Terrorists do this directly and do not hide their religious ideology. Moderate Islam uses democratic tools gradually to connect to the same Islamic state and after the same Islamic caliphate . It conceals its terrorist ideology and offers a tolerant speech. When it has power, it delivers its real speech without hesitation. (13)
2 – Bet on this type of Islam failed miserably, it did not solve the problems, but increased hatred, violence and terrorism in the world. The West has been using and collaborating with political Islam for direct interests, since Hitler formed a battalion of Caucasian Muslims to fight against the Soviet Union, which the West has continued in Afghanistan and continues to use against Bashar al-Assad in Syria, even though they are more dangerous than civilian and military dictatorships.
3 – This type of Islam controls Muslims in the West and controls mosques, schools and Islamic institutions, that is, it has become at home and Impede the integration of Muslims in their new homeland in the West. Therefore should not bet on it, It must be eliminated gradually.

4 – Starting from the fact that Islam is not a matter of Muslims alone, but of all humanity, so we should support other versions of humanity of Islam, which do not contradict with the values that settled on humanity.
5 – Stop all forms of support coming from outside Western countries for support Islamic institutions. Intervention in the reformulation of the curricula of Islamic schools in accordance with Islamic to compatible Western human values. And the rehabilitation of teachers and imams of mosques and all those who have to do with Islamic affairs based on the standards of Islamic to be do not contradict the values that have been established by humanity and represented in international human rights instruments.

Saied Shoaaib
Muslim researcher and writer
Co-authored the book “Lovers of Death” on the sources of Islamic terrorism in partnership with Tom Quiggan
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Book “The Islamization of Canada and America” by Tom Quiggin and Saied Shoaib

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