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Sylvia Martignani writes: Planting conscientiousness in young people

To be conscientious means to be aware of others’ feelings and emotions. To be respectful and mindful or people’s reactions and motivations. Being conscientious means the quality of wishing to do one's work or duty well and thoroughly. This is closely tied in to work-ethic, resilience and many other critical factors that can determine a child’s success in the future or ultimate failure. But how do we raise o ...

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Sylvia Martignani writes: Family Matters

Family Matters There is a global battle against the nature of families. The media has convinced the general public that a family can be made up of several dynamics and can manifest itself in various forms. They claim that the Christian perspective of family and the definition is inherently prejudiced and extremely discriminatory. Young adults are convinced that marriage is “just a ceremony” with no lasting ...

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Sylvia Martignani writes: In between Teens

Family Corner Issue #9 ٍ In Between Teens I worked with many in between teens in the past two decades. They are the pre-adolescents who are between the ages of 10 and 13 years old. They are emerging as young adults with their own mind and opinions but they are not old enough to be labelled as teenagers. This is quite possibly the most frustrating period of our life. If you recall, things were happening to y ...

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Sylvia Martignani writes: Family corner, Understanding Report Cards

It’s that time of year again when you will be receiving your child’s or teen’s report card in their bag or hand or crumpled up somewhere in their binder. You may be asked to sign off that you received it or may be presented with all the possible dates to meet with the teacher to discuss. Truth is, as children, we hated report card time because it was so tumultuous, unpredictable and sometimes disappointing. ...

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Sylvia Martignani writes: Family Corner 4

Family Corner Is Tutoring the answer? Many people ask me if their child needs tutoring. They are concerned when they see grades starting to take a dangerous turn downwards. Parents are often worried that this will become a trend and want to do anything in their power to reverse it. Truth is, not every child needs tutoring and only certain situations call for serious and immediate action. Also, tutoring can ...

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